Ám Ảnh Campus

Obsessed on Campus (Killer Crush) (2015)
HD NoSub

Thể loại:
Phim lẻ, Kinh Dị,

Quốc gia:
Châu Âu,

Đạo diễn:
Anthony Lefresne

Diễn viên:
Daveigh Chase, Rick Roberts, Sydney Penny, Melanie Scrofano

Thời lượng:

Năm phát hành:

Đăng bởi:
0 / 0 lượt
Thông tin
Ám Ảnh Campus

Nội dung phim Ám Ảnh Campus - Obsessed on Campus

Paige Clement is a medical student. She's also a very disturbed young woman, reeling from her father's suicide, and living with her sister in a very dysfunctional relationship. All this is about to change, when Doctor Lucas Emery becomes her new teacher... Sexy, smart, charismatic, this is the man of her dreams, the one she's been waiting for... Soon she'll be hired to help with Lucas' sick wife... until she implements her plan to become the new Mrs. Emery! Lucas' and everyone else's lives will spiral out of control as Paige becomes ever more delusional.

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